Silicon Valley IT/Network Giant

Silicon Valley IT/Network Giant

Inverter Power Backup Solution ensures 99% uptime for worldwide giant’s TelePresence and Datacenter.

Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Max. Output: 16020 KWH per year
Inverting Power: 33 KVA
Charging Power: 345Amps/48V
Battery Bank: 40 X 200AH Batteries

We evaluated a whole host of bids and Juststandout came out on top based on the strength of their qualifications and  competitive price. The system not only works well, but   looks great. We value our partnership with Juststandout and look forward to working with them again”

General Manager for Silicon Valley IT Company, Nigeria.

The Company

A Silicon Valley multinational corporation headquartered in San Jose, California, they are the worldwide leader in networking that transforms how people connect, communicate and collaborate. Having more than 71,000 employees and an annual revenue of US$ 49.2 billion as of 2016, the Company’s TelePresence was initially delivered as an immersive virtual meeting experience to improve collaboration, accelerate decision making, implement green strategies, and reduce travel expenses.

The Challenge

The Networking giant had just increased their solution offerings in Nigeria that required uninterrupted power supply for their Datacenter and TelePresence rooms. The building provided power for only 12 hours leaving the company to depend on a very inconsistent power grid. There were several challenges to overcome in providing backup power, placing the heavy battery bank on the third floor limited the amount of energy that would be stored, cooling the Datacenter and TelePresence, and providing longer duration for the coding system.

The Juststandout Solution

Based on the floor space and live load the floor could carry, we first designed a platform to spread the load. The next challenge was high energy cooling. This was addressed by having the power backup run newly installed energy efficient ACs.

The coding system was designed to run on a separate system to provide longer backup. The solution implemented was a total of 35KVA with 345Amps/48V charging power and 200AH x 40 Battery bank (with the principal design goal of scalability). This solution consisted of a Xantrex Inverter/Charger hybrid, Outback Inverter/Charger, and Juststandout batteries which provided one of the highest efficiency systems available today. Juststandout also implemented Type 1 surge protectors to protect the systems. The solution provided 12 hours backup for the coder and 3hrs (full load) for the Datacenter and TelePresence rooms.

With careful scheduling and judicious expediting, Juststandout completed the project on time in May 2010. Most importantly the system installation didn’t interfere with normal operations.

 The Outcome

The company went from having its communication, presentations and lights shut during power changeovers or after office hours, sometimes having to bring fans into its Data rooms, to having uninterrupted power. For the new TelePresence, it meant no interrupted meeting and ability to have late meetings with different time zones. The solution powers the lights, screens, cameras; surround sound systems of the TelePresence room. It has also aided in increased productivity, reduced cost spent on diesel (special generator runs) and travelling thereby reducing the carbon footprint of the company.


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