Electrical Engineer (NYSC)

Electrical Engineer (NYSC)

Salary and Commission based

Our Company

Juststandout is an industry leader providing Electrical and Mechanical solutions
for business and residential operations. These solutions, where power quality
and reliability are essential, could be grid, off grid or for emergency use.
With more than 300 (Solar, Inverters, Low, Medium & High voltage)
operational solutions positioned throughout the Nigerian market, Juststandout
has earned the reputation not only as a trusted adviser, but also a reliable and
dependable provider of energy, mechanical and electrical solutions.

Juststandout is totally aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals No
7, to - Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for
Faced with the seriousness of this goal, we are passionately committed to
bringing people out of darkness into renewable light and we are looking for
tenacious, dogged and resilient people with the same passion.

Apply if you:
1. Want to change the world and understand how alternative energy can do
2. Have the ability to work in mentally stressful environments: you must be
able to react to crises where immediate action is required to correct or
curtail potentially damaging or hazardous situations
3. Have the ability to follow, interpret and act on written and verbal job
instructions, and reports, technical manuals, and data
4. If you are innovative with solutions; we challenge, inspire and respect our
employees and provide them with growth and development opportunities.
We can’t wait for you to discover this for yourself as the Electrical Engineer
5. Have the ability to produce high quality work with minimum supervision

Do not apply:
1. If you expect to be paid over time (Due to the essential service we provide,
the job is not done, till it’s done!
2. If you are afraid of heights
3. If you want to be promoted based on length of service alone and not game
changing performance

Typical work activities
Tasks are likely to include, but not limited to:
 Repair, test, troubleshoot, inspect; and install, remove and maintain
inverters or other site equipment such as solar panels, transformers,
breakers and switchgear
 Recognize safety hazards and follows safety guidelines for personal
protection, protection of fellow workers and the protection of the public.
 Initiate, Innovate and recommend cutting edge ideas and technology for
the company
 Read and interpret instruction manuals, blueprints and control system
drawings; apply knowledge to daily tasks
 Complete written and electronic records (i.e. work orders, calibration
sheets, time cards, material requests) required to document the work in
progress and as it is completed.
 Operate test equipment such as voltmeters, amp meters, high potential
test equipment

 Must possess at least a B.Sc in Electrical Enigineering, H.ND or equivalent

 None - NYSC service year position

 Very attractive to include a 3% commission on all sales made by the Electrical Engineer

All CV’s should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with subject stating position e.g Electrical Engineer 001



Mon-Fri :08am to 05pm

Location :14D Femi Okunnu Estate,Phase 2,Lekki, Lagos