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We are excited to celebrate with our CMO Owen Inyang who was featured on the Nasdaq TV at times square in New York on achieving her milestone set at the milestone Makers program in line with United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 7. Big Congratulations and keep the flag flying. She said and we quote "Today I am so thrilled to see myself and my company name up on the Nasdaq bill board at times Square as I celebrate my Nasdaq mentor makers graduation along side my other 11 cohorts from around the world."


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Mr. Joseph Bassey Inyang, The Chief Technical Officer for Juststandout and a member of Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria. 

 A trusted solar expert for Schneider Electric and has Consulted and implemented more than 300 (Solar, Inverters, Low, Medium & High voltage) operational solutions positioned throughout the Nigerian market using DSERA.

He is also a co founder of an NGO " Light Up A Precious Life,

Dear Energy Warriors,

Today we are proud and excited to announce the official launch of the Juststandout Smart String Inverters which can be used with Diesel/Gas to ensure efficient stable power.
Our inverters are strategically positioned for Commercial & Industrial  clients, off-grid communities as well as Gated serviced communities to deliver 50 - 70 % cost savings, a shorter payback time and easy integration to existing systems.   


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