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Using Gut Instincts for Work and Life

"I have often wondered how every man loves himself more than the rest of men, yet sets less value on his own opinion of himself than on the opinion of others". - Marcus Aurelius, the Roman Emperor

Why do we humans ignore or suppress our gut feeling, our natural instinct(s) about people, situations and things? Our gut which scientists have termed our 2nd brain, helps our decision making skills, determines our level of emotional intelligence and saves us from future regrets and dangers.

According to Wiktionary Gut feeling is an instinct or intuition; an immediate or basic feeling or reaction without a logical rationale.

Have you seen or watched one of those National geographic moments where a lion attacks or tries to attack a Zebra, and even before the lion begins to advance the prey has picked up a certain innate sense of danger? Unlike humans, the prey does not reach for a life line by calling a friend…. It runs!

The same should ring through in humans, when you sense that a job, a deal, a relationship, or a situation seems off and your head cannot figure why, trust your gut instincts and run!

Running may mean saying no to the job offer or candidate even though everything checks out on paper, it may mean saying no to that extra work load, so your work - life can be balanced that day or that week. It may mean saying no to that client who brings more grief than joy or profit to the work you do for them.. It may mean saying no to that toxic boss, colleague or relationship.

When I started my business 11 years ago with no background in Alternative Energy, I did so by following my gut, not my head and hundreds of families and companies have benefited from access to energy….because of my gut.

If you are spiritual, your gut could be the Holy Spirit speaking to you or your chi or your 6th sense.

If you are sick it could be that you have been ignoring and suppressing your gut for so long that it develops into a problem.

Surely, it can’t be a coincidence that Hippocrates the father of Modern medicine declared that all disease begins in the gut? (Well to my mind, maybe most diseases but not all) or can it?

When next you are in a situation that your head cannot figure out quick enough, just follow your gut and fight or run! 'Owen Inyang CMO Juststandout Limited


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