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The Next Level with Schneider XW PRO & Pylontech US3000c Series Li-ion Batteries

The Next Level with Schneider XW PRO &  Pylontech US3000c Series Li-ion Batteries

Experience The Next Level with Schneider XW PRO
&  Pylontech US3000c Series Li-ion Batteries

10 yr warranty  + Stack 16 Batteries without a hub  + 95% DoD
5 yr warranty  + Stack Inverters 3 phase  + Close looped ac coupling

Dear Partner,

You spoke loud and clear and the manufacturers listened!!! Come and experience 1st hand the next level changes captured in the XW Pro and the US3000C


When  : On Thursday the 21st of January 2021 at 9.30 am (WAT ) in a FREE webinar 

PYLONTECH - The US3000C Lithium ion battery is next generation and has 6000 cycles at 95% discharge. It can be combined with an existing US3000 battery bank.

SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC - The XW Pro is the evolution of a time-tested, high-quality hybrid storage inverter. It is closed loop with AC coupling
JUSTSTANDOUT - At Juststandout we continue to walk our talk with our mantra, DSEA : Decentralization, Storage, Efficiencies and Artificial Intelligence are keys to bridging the #kilowattdivide while reducing our carbon footprint. Today Storage is the Key of keys.

What you should expect in this Webinar:

 Brief Intro of Schneider Conext and lithium ion - Click for full Intro
      -  Benefits of lithium ion over lead acid batteries

• The Next Level
    -   How to integrate Pylontech US3000C batteries with Schneider XW Pro closed loop inverters in your next project

• Real world success cases

• Overcoming “lithium anxiety” with customers

Lithium ion is the greatest GAME CHANGER in renewable energy and with continued product improvement in storage density and price reductions, now is the time to implement Pylontech Lithium ion storage in your next residential, commercial & industrial and mini grid project.


Spaces are limited so click here to register


Mon-Fri :08am to 05pm

Location :14D Femi Okunnu Estate,Phase 2,Lekki, Lagos