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A Message From Our CTO.

Dear Energy Warriors,

Juststandout is dedicated to using DSEA: Decentralization, Storage, Efficiencies, and Artificial Intelligence to help solve some of West Africa’s and the world’s most pressing challenges—from lack of energy, climate change to improving healthcare and education outcomes.

2020 – 2021Q1 was an important period in Juststandout’s commitment to advancing storage for renewable energy. We moved from Lead Acid batteries to Lithium-ion batteries. In December 2019 we signed a contract to be the sole representative to Pylontech in West Africa.

In Q3 2020 we had our first webinar with Schneider Electric and Pylontech to formally introduce a killer combination of Schneider + Pylontech to the West African market.

On the back of a very strong Q4 2020, we are happy to say that in Q1 2021 alone, we exceeded our new goal of over 1Mwh of deployed storage in the African market through our partners. We also have in the pipeline our Powervault BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) solutions of 1Mwh and 2Mwh.

We would not be able to achieve this without the efforts of the Juststandout team and partners. This effort is even more extraordinary due the challenges of COVID. We would also want to extend our special thanks to the Japanese government for funding hospital projects that will help in the fight against COVID-19 and the improvement of the Nigerian health care system.

The quarter ended with my graduation from a 3-month African Development Bank sponsored program on the Green Climate Fund Project Proposal Development (GCF) with a First Class in the English stream. I want to again thank the African Development Bank for this opportunity and believe this will help us as we continue to make an impact on a global scale.

Juststandout was also able to deliver 2 important projects before Q1.

  • Poly General Hospital Enugu; Japanese Grassroots Human Security Project

36.5Kwp Solar Panels, 51kw Inverter/charger hybrid

85.3kwh Lithium-ion Battery storage

  • Eleghusi Medical Center Lagos; Japanese Grassroots Human Security Project

31.2 Kwp Solar panels 25.5Kw Inverter Charger hybrid

42.6kwh Lithium-ion Battery storage.


We are quite glad that our CSR Corporate Social Responsibility arm; Light Up A Precious Life (LUAPL) was formally registered after 12 years. 

LUAPL provides power backup solutions for Rehabilitation Centers, orphanages and elderly homes. In 2020 we combined efforts with Schneider Electric and Bolamark Engineering to donate a solar solution to Hearts of Gold Children’s Hospice. This was an upgrade to a power backup system LUAPL donated in 2011.

The solution which consists of 3.9Kwp Solar Panels 4Kwp Inverter Charger hybrid and 9.6kwh Lithium Battery storage, will greatly reduce the cost of running the orphanage, bring relief to the sick children and give the care givers a more conducive environment with which to care for the children.


Q2 - Looking ahead

The next quarter is exciting as we continue to build our relationship with our partners. We will continue to have webinars to educate our partners and manufacturers on the importance of DSEA and storage being the key of keys.


Pylontech UP5000

In the coming days we will launch our newest offering from Pylontech, the UP5000 Lithium-ion battery.

This battery reduces your investment per kwh by 5 – 10 %.  It also reduces the number of cables and connections, while increasing the total amount of kwh without a hub by 270 % (From 8 units to 16 units of the older models). 

I again want to thank you all for your efforts in helping bridge the Kilowatt and I invite you to join us as we take it to the Next Level. 

All the best!

Joseph Inyang

Chief Technical Officer




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