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In our new media age, loss of computer operations at any time especially during business hours could spell disaster for financial institutions. These institutions incapable of accessing customer information or transfer of funds would eventually lose customers. Likewise, data from critical applications could also be lost without backup power.

Today’s customer requires access to their fund 24/7, banks now rely on ATM to give customers access to their funds. Despite the ATM solution solving the problem, there is also a key challenge in the operation of these ATMs as a result of unreliability of the power from the grid which goes out 6 to 8 hours at a time and in some instance can be completely unavailable for up to or more than 24hours.

The need for a dependable/reliable source of power to support the ATM operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week will considerably impact customer’s ability to access their bank accounts at any given period in time.

Our power backup solution like solar hybrid system, inverter charger will

  • Keep ATM’s operational 24/7
  • Provide Uninterruptible power supply to server rooms, communication systems, computers etc
  • Operate low voltage devices at night such as surveillance and security camera, alarm systems etc
  • Enable banks to save more on electricity bills, using our hybrid system instead of depending solely on  generators as the cost of diesel fuel is increasing

Financial Institutions can save more money by installing LED lights instead of incandescent lights, motion sensors etc.

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