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For several years, diesel backup generators have been what businesses depend on for their data centers to provide emergency power to keep servers online during utility power outages. Recently, a growing focus on using sustainable source of energy to power large data centers is prompting industry’s largest players to ditch their generators, along with their diesel fuel emissions. Generators can be unproductive and costly to operate; from both an environmental and cost standpoint, it makes no sense for businesses to run generators more than they must.

Sustainable source of energy is vital to businesses especially in Nigeria where power is unreliable and causes massive disruption to business activities. There is a need for emergency power back up for critical appliances in the office; businesses need to be less dependent on utility grid and optimize power backup for critical loads wherever possible.

Our power backup solution will;

  • Provide emergency power backup to keep servers online during utility power outages
  • Guarantee sustainable and renewable source of energy to power your critical equipment such as computers, lighting points, communication equipment such as internet routers, hubs and any other sensitive equipment installed such that it provides uninterruptible power for defined hours. Thus, if there is a power outage your critical loads continues to work for several hours uninterrupted
  • Control power quality going into your devices (e.g. surge, voltage fluctuation etc.)

Case Study: Silicon Valley IT Network

Case Study: Pawakad Limited

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