Medical Solutions

Electricity is both costly and unreliable; likewise, generators are unreliable and the cost of fuel usage per month can go as high as N16million.

We have heard stories where surgeons have had to complete operations with phone flash lights, or vaccines have gone bad due to improper refrigeration. In a world where “failure is not an option” has become the mantra for virtually every emergency power application.

Healthcare facilities are unique in that, failure could mean loss of life. Collecting sunshine and turning it into cheap, reliable electricity saves the hospital money.

Juststandout backup solution will;

  • Ensure continuous operation in the event of power outage
  • Ensure vaccinations do not go bad with solar vaccination fridges
  • Provide Ice pack freezing for vaccine carriers
  • Provide power backup for blood storage refrigeration
  • Adding Motion-sensor lights will cut 60% off the energy required for lighting.

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