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Power is extremely important to the flow and supply networks of oil and gas and mining, providing reliable power to remote sites can be a complex assignment.

When the main source of power is suddenly unavailable, a backup system is required to prevent loss or damage to ongoing work activity.

A safe energy management in place is vital for the oil and gas/mining industry for power failures may cause considerable financial losses.

We offer a range of power backup systems; Photovoltaic power system is the best alternative backup for industries in remote areas or complete hybrid systems as an additional power supply.

 Juststandout power backup solution provides

  • Efficient and reliable uninterrupted power supply and power conditioning solutions to facilitate effective operations in every step of the oil and gas supply chain.
  • Opportunities for mining companies to reduce energy cost by dropping diesel consumption and maintenance
  • Guarantees continuous operation of critical systems including gas treatment & sulphur plant, telecommunication & satellite systems, oil exploration system, process control equipment and production systems
  • Helps bridge the gap between power outage and generator start

In addition, our surge protection solution will help to improve operational efficiency.

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