Residential Solutions

Juststandout provides systems that work. The Juststandout Living Solutions call for designing or renovating Energy systems within a structure to minimize energy consumption  so we are better able to meet the people’s energy goals.

Juststandout will work directly with you or your architect to provide full mechanical and electrical services.

Our residential solutions are geared at providing our clients with power 24/7 while reducing the amount of money spent on buying diesel. The solution is design to fit the needs as well as the current hours supplied by the utility company or/and estate.

 The solution can be as simple as just light and fans with an Ice Battery running the fridge or as complex as lights, fans, AC, fridge, water heater and microwave.

Once a site audit is done, you just make a payment and GO TO SLEEP and after 48 hours your solution will be up and running.


Our solutions comes with a one year limited warranty.


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