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Have you considered the effect power failure will have on your security system? If there is power failure your security will be compromised, if a power backup solution is not instilled into your business.

Below is what can happen to your camera security system without a power backup solution

  • Your security camera system will shut off when there is a power outage
  • Your business will lose any setting saved on the system, current video recording at the time of the outage or video recorded to the hard drive before the power outage.
  • Before the power is restored, your business will miss key events as recording will have stopped due to the power outage.

Our power backup solution provides uninterrupted and primary source of power supply to security equipment and facility e.g. CCTV camera, phone and intercom systems, security lights, fire alarms etc. should there be power outage, work will carry on as normal without experiencing any loss

Furthermore, as we provide end to end mechanical and electrical solutions we will ensure that materials and accessories like cables, breaker etc will protect against internal/external destructive factor in the nearest future; adding energy saving LED lights and motion sensors, will save you money on your electricity bills.

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