Transportation Solutions

Power instability at busy traffic junctions can have far reaching consequences. Power loss to traffic signal can quickly congest an intersection creating congestion on outlying junction dramatically, increasing the possibility of accident.

Should a power outage occur, without a battery backup system in place; the risk of accidents and injuries are increased and could lead to incurring a direct or indirect cost.

Our power backup solution will

  • Provide a vital link to ensuring traffic and transportation systems continue to operate during power disruption.
  • Provide safety at the traffic junction and safeguard against liability lawsuits
  • Ensure a clean, reliable uninterrupted power to maximize system availability
  • Ensure your critical systems e.g. communication system, computers, server rooms etc. remains online and emergency communications will keep your facility operations safe

Most roads are lit up using incandescent “high pressure sodium lamps” but light sources such as LED’s are gradually considered as alternative light sources for streets or highways.  Because LED produces “white” light appearance, they are always judged as brighter, safer and more secure than street lit up by incandescent light even when lit to the same level and they reduce your energy bills

Our technical staff works with each client to design and install a backup power system to meet your exact requirements, and keep you running efficiently so you can continue running a successful operation.

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