Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy

Juststandout delivers Energy solutions that keeps your families or corporations safe, happy healthy and profitable.We deliver and maintain high quality solutions, goods and services; 1-25years of manufactures warranty.


  1. Solar solutions and products-such as Residential, commercial or UtilityPV, streetlights, Water heaters, Dryers Attic fans, Water pumps, Air Conditioner etc.


Although solar panels may appear similar on the surface, each solution can vary in efficiency, quality and reliability.


Our solar panels;

  • Are subjected to 52steps of continuous and routine quality control and inspection
  • Have a 25year linear power warranty
  • Have one of the lowest defect rate in the industry


  1. Uninterrupted power supply (Power backup solutions): Inverter /charger installation, battery replacement etc. For project e.g. Campuses, Hospitals, Offices, Schools, Farms, Estates, Communities, ATM Machines
  2. Power generation, transmission & distribution: Grid, embedded and rural electrification (non grid) using solar, wind and hydro


Our solutions can be found in Cisco systems, Axamansard,Heritage bank, Femi Okunnu Housing Estate, NNPC and many homes and office sousing Estate.

Business and Residential Case Studies


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