Juststandout smart hybrid inverter

Juststandout 3kw JSO302439

Juststandout 8kw JSO8048104 Juststandout 12kw JSO12048156

Juststandout 16kw


 Bridging the kilowatt divide one installation at a time.

Best ROI (return on investment)

  • Programmable multiple operation modes: On grid, Off grid and UPS
  • Inverter, AC charger, Solar controller, monitoring dongle and CT included as a complete package drastically reducing CAPEX.
  • Supports peak load up to twice the output rating maximizing self-consumption and can power loads not connected to the Inverter.
  • Option for smart load connection based on battery level and grid availability
  • In-built 2 or 4 MPPT to maximize PV power and take advantage of multiple roof orientations.
  • Smart settable 3 stages MPPT charging and AC charger for optimized battery performance.
  • Configurable Solar/AC/Generator charging priority by LCD setting.

Flexible and Scalable

  • Single or 3 phase can parallel up to 16 inverters for 5Kw to 192Kw output.
  • Connect your generator directly to your inverter no need for automatic change over.
  • Close loop compatibility with Pylontech Lithium-ion batteries and other batteries.
  • Supports DC-coupled and AC-coupled off-grid and grid-tie architectures with one of the easiest configurations in the industry.
  • Programmable supply priority for battery or grid.
  • Supports WIFI/GPRS monitoring on mobile phones, tablets and computers.

Easy Installation

  • Inverter, AC charger, Solar controller all in one box, while monitoring dongle and CT are just an easy connection
  • Extensive historical parameters for monitoring, predictive and diagnosing data.
  • Option to connect the string Inverter to increase PV installation capacity.
  • Configurable battery charging current/voltage based on applications by LCD setting.

Easy Maintenance

  • Overload/ over temperature/ short circuit protection.
  • Limit function to prevent excess power over flow to the grid.
  • Field serviceable with replacement boards and spare parts.
  • Supports WIFI/GPRS remote monitoring and configuration including alerts.
  • Real time touch screen LCD display.
  • IP65 protection degree.
  • Screen LCD display.
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Schneider Conext SW Inverter


Proven value for off-grid, backup power and self-consumption

Conext SW is perfect for off-grid, backup power and self-consumption applications, it is a pure sine wave, hybrid inverter system with switchable 50/60 Hz frequencies, providing power for every need. For expanded off-grid capacity, the Conext SW is integrated with fuel-based generators as required to support loads larger than the generator’s output.

It’s also self consumption ready, able to prioritize solar consumption over the grid, while maintaining zero grid export. The Conext SW works with the grid to avoid peak utility charges and support the grid when utility supply is limited. Accessories include pre-wired universal DC distribution panel and AC distribution panels. Stacking two Conext SW units will double the system’s total output power and available solar charge controllers allow for the integration of solar capacity as required.

Higher return on investment

  • Cost effective.
  • Excellent load start capabilities with high 30-minute and 5-second surge power.
  • Harness the continuously declining production cost of solar power.

Designed for reliability

  • Robust design through rigorous reliability testing (HALT)


  • Available in 24VDC and 48VDC models. All models support both 50Hz and 60Hz output.
  • Stack two units to double output power up to 8 kW.
  • Supports AC coupled and DC coupled off-grid and grid-tie architectures.
  • Intelligent functionality enables self consumption with solar prioritization, peak shaving and, assisting small generators with heavy loads.

Easy to service

  • Monitor, troubleshoot or upgrade firmware with the Conext ComBox.
  • Global support and training.
  • Replaceable boards and spare parts.
  • Easy to install
  • Configures quickly into compact wall mounted system.
  • Companion breaker panels integrate inverter with battery bank and solar charge controllers.
  • Mounting bracket design makes hanging inverter on the wall easy


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