More and more businesses every year have decided to go solar because it makes both financial sense and makes sense for the environment.  Solar can serve as another alternative to power supply to your building to power critical loads.


Solar solutions offered at Juststandout include but not limited to

  • Solar hybrid for residential application can be used to fill in the gap between the present load (what you are using at the time of insufficient PV production) consumption and the actual generated power by the solar panels.
  • Solar street light application for security, power saving application, independent lighting system, flexibility, cost effective etc.

A remote, or independent, power system also can form a self-contained circuit without connecting to the grid. This off-grid system, however, requires batteries to store power for times, such as night, when panels do not capture enough light energy from the sun.

In order to deliver quality projects Juststandout will:

  1. Carry out a comprehensive energy audit for the load requirement and duration needed so as not to undersize the solar solution.
  2. Make recommendations based on the energy audit carried out, on the minimum rating and type of solar system. The system could be standalone or hybrid with PCHN, Generator and Wind. Also calcutions are done for the minimum number of batteries required for the project. All this is done to guarantee the autonomy needed for the project.



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