Mechanical and Electrical

Mechanical and Electrical

We offer a full state of the art range of Mechanical and Electrical product and services, for your security, comfort and energy savings



  1. Final Distribution (Low, medium and High voltage) – panel building, distribution boards, manual and automatic change over’s, breakers (MCB,RCCB,etc)
  2. Protection- earthing, surge protectors, voltage regulators, AVS,UPS.
  3. Wiring, Lighting and cable management - Sockets, switches, dimmers, LED recess lightings, motion and presence detectors, trucking, cables.
  4. Transmission- package sub-station, transformers ,RMU etc




Electrical Inspections-All electrical installation deteriorate with age and use so we advice you carry periodic inspections on new or existing structures After our inspection, we give you a detailed report on any observed damage, deterioration, dangerous conditions and any non-compliances with present-day safety standards


Energy Management and automation-  Ensures that energy is being used effectively ( monitoring, control and preservation) in a building or business. We can help you save over 40%of your electrical cost and 20%of your fuel costs, in three to five years.


Our product and services are enjoyed by baker Hughes, Hearts of Gold Children’s hospice and many other residential and commercial buildings.

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