Electrical Audit and Management

Energy Audit & Management

Is Your Building Performing at its Best?

 Energy management ensures that energy is being used effectively (Monitoring, control and preservation) in a building or business. By using energy saving technologies, design principles, and maintenance practices Juststandout can help building owners/leasers save over 40 % of their electrical costs and 20 % of their fuel costs, often with paybacks of between three to five years. Even greater savings can be achieved with longer paybacks.

Implementing an Energy Management Program

Energy management is not a one- time process, it is ongoing. Thus, the first step in implementing an energy management program is gaining commitment within the company for a continuing effort to control energy use in the building.

Demonstrating the value of energy management to senior management, in particular, is vital to the successful implementation of an energy management program.

The second step in an energy management program is conducting an energy audit.

The energy audit identifies where money for energy is currently being spent, estimates where and how it could be saved, and develops a multi-year plan for implementing these changes.

  • First, energy bills (inclusive of fuel costs) are examined to determine the monthly energy consumption for the building or company overall.
  • Second, an inventory of all devices that consume energy in the facility is taken to identify opportunities for technology retrofits, redesign, or improved maintenance practices. Where necessary, taking inventory may include monitoring the electrical draw and consumption for the building to track the amount of electricity and fuel being used throughout each day.
  • Third, implementation plans are drawn up detailing the proposed immediate, short-term, and long-term measures.

The other steps in energy management are ongoing. Staff want to know, and need to know, about energy management initiatives in the workplace. On a regular basis, feedback reinforces the staff’s commitment towards energy management and leads to successful energy management practices.

Education and training familiarise staff with the new energy saving measures and reinforce the importance of each staff member’s role in the energy management program.


Reduce Opex and Capex

For building owners, gaining control of your energy consumption is essential, but you also need to ensure that your building automation system and energy management solution run optimally at all times, reducing maintenance, operating and equipment costs, all while maximizing occupant comfort.

New energy efficient technology offers many energy saving retrofit possibilities for much of the equipment being used in commercial buildings. Significant energy saving options are available for lighting, ventilation, cooling, office equipment, motors, and building automation and control systems.



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