Fire Prevention & Protection

Fire Prevention and Protection

Fire Prevention

The most effective way of avoiding injury and damage by fire is the prevention of the fire. In Fire prevention there are three main goals.

The first and most important goal is Life Safety, which is to prevent injury and loss of life. Human life and health always take top priority in an emergency.

The second goal of fire prevention is to Prevent Property Damage. Though second to life safety, property damage should always be considered.

The final goal of fire prevention is Protection of Operations. By preventing fires and limiting damage, we can assure that work operations will continue without interruption.

At Juststandout, we have different fire alarm systems and extinguishers and we will match the best solution and design to meet your needs.

Remember, an aggressive fire prevention plan is essential for work and home safety.

Fire Protection
Juststandout and its partners have considerable experience in the field of fire safety risk audit and we are ideally placed to assist businesses to achieve compliance .

At Juststandout we advocate the Health and Safety Executives five step approach to risk audit:
1.  Identify the hazards
2.  Identify the people at risk
3.  Evaluate the risk and decide on precautions
4.  Record the findings and implement them
5.  Review the risk audit and update if necessary

The assessment examines:

  • Sources of ignition
  • Sources of fuel
  • Fire detection and warning
  • Means of escape
  • Fire protection measures
  • Risks posed by the work of others
  • Means of fighting fire
  • Fire safety management

The fire risk assessment process will identify all fire risks and hazards and provide suitable recommendations to all Responsible Persons to implement control measures to reduce the risk of fire and its effects.



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