4 bedroom power backup

70% Power Backup For 4 Bedroom Home

Juststandout Solution Provides 70% Power Backup For a 4 Bedroom Duplex Home

Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Main Power Back Up
Inverting Power: 2400 Kw
Charging Power: 24Volts/50amps
Battery Bank: 6 x 200Ah Batteries

“I know Juststandout has a great energy and power solution, and recommended same to my friends and colleagues, all of whom have attested to the positive effect on livelihood, running of their household, and the outstanding power solution package that gives value for money… and I did after that try out the solution myself. It’s now been close to two years after installation – so neatly laid out by a team of professionals, and I am happy I did, what, with the over NGN 20,000 monthly savings on cost of diesel (to guarantee light for at least 5hours a day), the improved electrical connection and continued advice on energy savings, the ambiance of the home environment devoid of nagging generator noise, the uninterrupted changeover of power source, the surety of power supply for the very needs of lighting up the house, charging of phones, playing music, watching TV, what more? My little daughter wouldn’t scream because she can’t see any light at night. I sure appreciate the positive effect of Juststandout energy and power solution and recommend same to all who dream of a Country with uninterrupted power supply for the very sense it makes…increase in the quality of life and value for money” Christian Ikechukwu.


The Home is located in a residential estate in Lekki where power supply can be available for 4 to 6 hours on a good day. Out of a rooted desire to live well, the family investigated the benefits of having a Juststandout solution installed in their home, before moving to their new home, they consulted with Juststandout Limited and they were pleased to discover that they can install a solution that can power lights, fans and a few electrical equipments like TV, Laptops while retrofitting their current electrical system.

The Challenge

The Ikechukwu’s live in an estate with consistent power failure in Lekki, Lagos, where the average person spends lots of funds to run a large 20 KVA generator while suffering air and noise pollution. This power failure can run into days, weeks or even months. For example from June to August 2012 there was no utility power due to a downed transformer.

The Juststandout Solution

Juststandout provides systems that work. The Juststandout Living Solutions call for designing or renovating Energy systems within a structure to minimize energy consumption so we are better able to meet the people’s energy goals. The client was advised to get a 7kva diesel generator to reduce fuel consumption. All lights were changed to energy savings lights. Fans were added to provide cooling. Juststandout Ice Battery was also implemented to run the freezer. The solution implemented a power system of 2.4Kw with 24Volts/50Amps charging power, 200Ah x 6 Battery bank. The inverter acquired is a Juststandout JSO 2424 Inverter/Charger and Juststandout batteries which provides one of the highest efficiency systems available today. With careful scheduling and judicious expediting, Juststandout completed the project in a day.

The Outcome

Initially, the PHCN gave about 30% – 40% of the home’s electricity needs. With energy efficiency project such as installing an ice battery, the Juststandout solution currently provides up to 70% of the total energy needs of the home when there is no utility power.

Additional energy improvements such as conversion to the latest generation of energy light bulbs promises to increase that amount to the 80% to 90% range.

While the Ikechukwu family is saving money, they’ve accomplished their most important objectives: living their dream of sustainability and making a contribution to greener living.

Even though the solution was rated for 10 hours, due to other efficiencies in the household, the client is able to get up to 16 hours per day of backup for the home. Since PHCN has stabilized from the last power outage of three months, they have been supplying 6 – 10 hours, the Ikechukwu’s have not had the need to turn on their generator for a few weeks now.



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