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Juststandout is a leading alternative energy company in the industry providing electrical and mechanical solutions for businesses and residential operations. We use private energy, and renewable technologies to provide power quality and reliability that is essential in an off-grid or grid situation.

A leader in energy efficiency, Juststandout has a proven record of providing quality solutions for both small businesses and large corporations. We understand that every project is unique with different goals; therefore, we work with you to evaluate your specific needs and tailor a solution to fit within your budget.

Our mantra is DSERA, which stands for Decentralization, Storage, Efficiencies, Recycling/Repurposing, and Artificial Intelligence – all of which are keys to reducing our carbon footprint while meeting our energy needs.

We know that storage is vital in energy saving which is why we have partnered with Pylon Technologies to deliver the best Lithium-ion batteries to West Africa with a 10-year warranty and shipped 7.2MWh to our partners in the last 2 years alone!

Our solutions begin with identifying your energy needs, develop custom plans for cost-effective solutions that minimizes energy consumption, and integrate these improvements into a construction or renovation project while reducing your carbon footprint throughout the project’s lifespan.

With more than 300 (Energy Management, automation, Solar, Inverter, Low, Medium & High voltage) operational solutions positioned throughout the Nigerian market, (one of the most challenging in the world), Juststandout has earned the reputation not only as a trusted adviser, but also a reliable and dependable provider of energy, mechanical and electrical solutions.

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Full range Mechanical and Electrical Consulting

We offer a full range of Mechanical and Electrical Consulting as well as implementation of services for projects by matching the perfect solution for your location, exposure to the elements, and energy needs.

During the last 2 years we have worked with the Japanese Embassy to Engineer, procure, construct and commission a 36.5Kwp and 31.2Kwp for Poly General Hospital Enugu; and Elegusi Medical Center respectively; under the Japanese Grassroots Human Security Project.

Additionally, we completed 25.8kwp Solar Upgrade for Rufkat Danjuma Maternity Takum in Taraba as well as many other installations including NNPC, Cisco Systems TelePresence & Datacenter solutions, Polaris Bank, Heritage Bank and other banks in Africa (through third parties) for their ATM Machines at different locations, and AxaMansard Insurance for their office locations, and different welcome centers throughout Nigeria.

As an alternative energy company in Nigeria, we strive to provide 21st century services to customers which require uninterrupted/seamless power operations, installation and automation systems. Our expertise complements your engineers’ and benefits from our years of experience in delivering end to end solutions to your delight while minimizing operational cost.

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